Leicestershire’s first electric car club in Tilton on the Hill

The village, which has no public transport, has two electric cars that will act as pool cars and be available for residents to hire out.

Green Fox Community Energy Co-operative teamed up with Harborough District Council for the pilot scheme to install EV charge points in the village hall car park.

With financial support from the national Motability Scheme, Green Fox are one of four organisations taking part in an 18-month national pilot to help develop a blueprint for rolling out electric car clubs across the country.

With a focus on improving rural mobility, the electric car club will be open to all in the local community and offer a volunteer drivers scheme to help residents who can’t drive with medical appointments, shopping, visiting friends and days out.

With support, villages and small towns can run electric car clubs for their communities. Projects like this could also help provide electric charging infrastructure in villages that would otherwise be left behind in the transition to electric transport.


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