Leicestershire’s first electric car club at Tilton on the Hill

How it Works

The car club offers instant access to cars in Tilton without the need for you to own a car yourself. You pay a monthly membership fee and an hourly rate to hire the car. It’s convenient and simple to use – book the car, turn up, drive away and at the end of your booking, you return the car back to its designated parking bay.


Insurance is the single most challenging aspect of setting up the car club and broadly membership of Tilton on the Hill Electric Car Club is available to residents of Tilton and Halstead Parish who are aged between 25 and 70 years (over 70 years to be considered case by case) and have held a clean full UK driving licence for a minimum of 3 years. Please read the full list of eligibility requirements when joining the club.

We check drivers’ eligibility at sign-up and periodically after that, but it is your responsibility to inform us if something happens to make you no longer eligible to drive the cars.

Membership and Hire Rates

There are three types of Membership so please choose the one for you.

  1. Driver Member to simply drive the cars
  2. Need a Lift Member for less mobile residents who need lifts
  3. Volunteer Driver Member to drive less mobile residents who need lifts. Membership is free of charge when driving as a volunteer.

Choosing the right tariff depends on how often you use the car.

Frequent User: If you book a car on a frequent basis, the membership is £30 per month (equivalent to £1 per day) and a hire charge of £5 per hour or £45 per day.

Occasional User:  If you book a car on an occasional basis, the membership is £10 per month and a hire charge of £10 per hour or £70 per day.

In both cases membership applies to either an individual or two adults at the same address. Once you have joined, you will receive an induction from an existing member to ensure you are comfortable driving and charging the cars.

No hidden costs

There are no hidden costs as Green Fox pays for the electricity to fuel the car (when charged at the Village Hall), insurance, the booking system, breakdown cover, MOT, servicing, and maintenance. There is no mileage charge.

To Join, Book or Request a lift with the electric car club, click Tilton Car Club

To find out more, email: info@greenfoxcommunityenergy.org

Tilton residents have been pivotal in developing the car club and special thanks go to the Steering Group, the Village Hall Committee, Tilton Green, and all the volunteers associated with the club.


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